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Where can a sex addiction therapist be located?

There are many places where you can find sex and pornography addiction counseling. You can consult your local psychologist and get a referral or if you’re not comfortable with that, there are online addiction counseling websites that cater to your needs. Taylor Lyman has various counseling services that may suit your needs. From group counseling (accountability partner) to a more focused individual counseling, Ben smith, who is a renowned counselor, can help guide you through whatever struggle weighs heavily on you.

What is the treatment for porn addiction?

Human sexual behavior is a complicated thing. For sex addicts don’t or can’t express themselves in normal ways that a normal average person can, this can make treatment harder. The most common treatment for pornography addiction is CBT or Cognitive Behavior therapy. Pornography and sex addicts treatment usually revolve around their feeling of shame, denial, loneliness, fear of intimacy, and sometimes social anxiety. It’s goal is to shine on issues that normally get buried deep down, whether they be sexual or otherwise. The Aim of CBT is to shine a light on the patients sexual beliefs and show them to be irrational or detrimental to the patients mental health. Ultimately the outcome of pornography addiction counseling relies solely on what the clients goals are. Some want treatment in order to stop watching porn entirely. Others just want to watch less porn and make sure it has no negative impact on their lives.

How can you tell if a therapist is right for me?

The most important thing is to talk to the counselor. It’s not wrong to vet the therapist before getting treatment. Make sure you are comfortable talking to them. Most highly trained therapists can change their approach on a patient to patient basis. A good therapist will help you with respect and without judgment. If you feel that your counselor is biased or unable to respect you then he or she may not be the right therapist for you.

How do counselors know when addiction is present?

There are many tests that can help a counselor diagnose whether a person is addicted to porn. It usually starts out with you filling out a standardized questionnaire – this usually asks about your treatment history, family history (how has this affected your current relationship or marriage), health history and patterns of behavior(i.e. sexual compulsivity and other compulsive behavior). The aim is to ascertain to what extent the perceived addiction has affected the patients life. There are certain red flags that sex addicts show that may be made visible by the tests. The next would be a face to face evaluation by the counselor. This will ensure that the clinician will reach the right diagnosis and prescribe the correct treatment for your sex addiction.

What is online sex addiction counseling and how does it work?

E-counselling has been shown to be simpler and much more affordable for most people. Some rely on chat programs to conduct the counseling session. However, most go for the more traditional for of e-therapy which requires video conferencing platforms such as skype or other similar programs. This affords you the flexibility of choosing which platform to use for your counseling sessions. you can use your computer or you can use your smartphone – whatever is convenient for you is the most important thing. Your mental health is the most important thing in all this.

What are some signs that i should seek mental health care?

There is a simple evaluation you can do yourself that can help you decide whether or not you should seek help
Has pornography negatively affected your personal relationships, your job, or your finances?
Do you feel guilty or ashamed after looking at pornography?
Do you look at pornography when you are bored, anxious, or lonely?
Have you been viewing violent pornography, child pornography, or other more deviant forms of porn?
Do you spend more time viewing porn or use it more often than you had planned?
Do you suffer from post-traumatic stress or have had a traumatic event happen to you?
Have you ever had substance abuse issues?
if the answers to the questions above are yes, then you may need to schedule a consultation with your local counseling center see a counselor and in order to receive addiction treatment.

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